Insights from massive live data collected realtime.

Business analytics and process automation powered by low latency web scraping and artificial intelligence.

How we add value to your company

Enterprise web scrapping

Let us take the weight off your shoulders by providing you with insightful data that will unlock valuable insights and drive your business to success. Benefit from our sophisticated web or mobile technology and invest in a data-driven future.

Automated Analysis with Generative AI

At Iceberg Data, our goal is to make data access easier and more efficient than ever. Tap into this invaluable tool today and unlock the potential of your organization with accurate, massive insights. 

Custom Datasets and visualizations

Make your analysis faster and precise with our tailored datasets giving you access to the knowledge you need with ease. Also take advantage of our custom visualization products – easy to configure and use. 

Ecommerce & Retail

Our web scraping tool is the ultimate solution for collecting real-time data from e-commerce and retail websites.

Social Networks

Media and entertainment companies can use data analysis to improve content targeting, audience engagement, and advertising revenue.

Restaurants & Delivery

Data can be used to track customer preferences, sales and reviews, which can help in creating a menu that is tailored to customer demand and can increase the sales of certain dishes.

Finance & Trading

We help you gather comprenhesive financial data from public available sources.

From hundreds to millions of datapoint from different sources beautifully structured and reasonable priced.

Airlines & Hotels

Be always up-to-date with the latest development in the travel space. Optimize your value proposition having access to Big Data analytics.

Real Estate

Through our web scrapers, find relevant information of all related stakeholders: Listings, Houses, Apartments, Mortages, Brokers. Available granularity at county level.

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