Web scraping services for food delivery platforms & restaurants

Dominate the restaurant and delivery industry with actionable data insights from our web scraping services

We use cutting-edge technology to collect and analyze data from various online sources such as customer review sites, food delivery platforms, and social media. This enables you to understand your customers’ preferences, monitor your competitors’ menu, pricing, discounts and promotions. 

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, track the sentiment of your brand, identify areas for improvement in your delivery operations and logistics such as delivery time, delivery areas, and delivery cost, and discover new business opportunities by identifying new areas of demand and potential market niches. 

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Use cases


Collect real-time data on your competitors’ pricing strategies.


Identify popular menu items, track new dishes and trends, and adjust your own menu accordingly


Maximize your profits and stay ahead of the competition


Spot gaps in your product offerings, optimize pricing, improve features and quality based on customer feedback.

How It works

1. Consultation

We understand your precise requirements

2. Validation 

A team of experts will validate the feasability of your requirements

3. Agreement 

We will provide you with a quotation and the terms of service

4. Delivery 

A tailored made product for you will be delivered

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